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Privacy Policy

Please read this page in conjunction with our terms and conditions.


  • ​A valid email address is required to sign up for an account.

  • We use your email address to send you important information about Anki and your account, such as a reset link when you forget your password.

  • By signing up, you agree to possible marketing emails from The AnKing, LLC, Anki Palace, LLC, AnkiHub, LLC and AnKing Tutoring, LLC.

User Data

  • When you add cards via AnkiHub, or use the synchronization feature in the Anki clients to send your data to AnkiHub, we store the card data, associated media files, and your review history.

  • This user data is not visible to other users of the service by default

  • This data is visible to support staff when investigating problems with the service, and problems you report.

  • In the interests of research and product development, we may use your review history, content and options for statistical purposes, such as calculating the average pass rate across all users.


  • AnkiHub uses an internet technology called "cookies" to keep you logged in to the website.

  • The cookies allow us to associate the actions you take with the correct account.

  • AnkiHub may use Google Analytics for usage statistics, and it may have stored some tracking cookies on your computer.

  • AnkiHub ignores any tracking cookies set by Google Analytics, and you can safely use your browser's cookie manager to delete them if you wish.

Logs and Error Reporting

  • All requests made to AnkiHub, whether they be through a web browser or through one of the Anki clients, are logged.

  • We record the date and time, the location on AnkiHub that is being accessed, your IP address, browser version, and referring page when present.

  • When you access the service while logged in, user ID is recorded.

  • Email-related operations may log your email address.

  • We store this information for security purposes (such as blocking malicious access attempts), for diagnosing problems, for analyzing usage of the service, and for providing support.

  • Logs and error reports are automatically sent and stored via secure means to our infrastructure.  This can be disabled in the add-on configuration.


  • When you use the synchronization feature to transfer data between an Anki client and AnkiHub, the client sends the program version and operating system version.

  • AnkiHub stores this information along with the date in your account, and may tell the client it needs to upgrade.

  • We store this information to help us answer your questions on the support site, and for usage statistics.

User Support

  • For support requests, please use our support request form.

  • Locations:

    • We use servers and cloud services located inside secure data centers in the USA to store your data.

    • Portions of AnkiHub are cached by a content distribution network that stores data on servers close to you.

    • We use a cloud provider located in the USA to send you emails related to your account.

    • Support staff may store a temporary copy of your user data on secure local machines to reproduce a problem you report.

Third-Party Sharing

  • The cards and associated media files you add to AnkiHub are public by default.

  • AnkiHub makes use of secure third-party data centers and cloud services in order to store and process your data, and send you emails related to your account.

  • We may share your data with law enforcement authorities when required to do so by law.

  • We may extract the review history of your cards to share with others for academic research purposes. This may include the contents of your cards (such as text or media files).

  • As decks are contributed by other Anki users, they may contain links to third-party servers not under our control. This includes any images embedded in the deck or add-on descriptions - when you view a deck on AnkiHub, your browser will fetch any images that are hosted on remote sites, and those remote sites will learn of your IP address and may send a tracking cookie when an image is fetched from them.

Data Retention

  • We will retain your user data while you continue to use the service. As mentioned in our terms and conditions, account data may expire if the account has not been used in 6 months or more.

  • If you wish to remove your user data, you can delete your AnkiHub account from the Account section of the website or reach out at

  • If you delete your account, we will delete your user data.

  • Some of your user data may remain in backups and logs when your account is deleted.

  • If an email we sent to you previously bounced or was marked as spam, we will retain a record of this so we can avoid sending to that address again.

  • Any posts you made to the support site will need to be removed separately.

  • We will retain information when legally required to do so.

Keeping Data Safe

  • We endeavor to keep your data safe by following best practices such as encrypting your data in transit, keeping machines up to date, and maintaining backups.

  • No system can ever be completely secure, so we strongly recommend you store a local copy of your user data. You can use the Export functionality in Anki clients in order to save a backup of your data.

  • As your password secures your account, please ensure you use a secure password and don't use the same password on multiple sites. If you don't already use one, we highly recommend a password manager like Bitwarden, 1Password or LastPass - they make life easier and keep you more secure.

Lawful Basis

Data processing laws require us to state the lawful basis we use for processing your data.

  • Data you provide to us such as your email address and card content is necessary for providing the service to you (servicing a contract).

  • Statistics that we collect from your data are used to improve the service, and for research (servicing a contract, and legitimate interests).

  • Access logs are used for diagnostic and analytical purposes, and for detecting misuse of the service (servicing a contract, and legitimate interests).


If significant changes to this policy are made, we will notify you via a message when visiting the website, a message when you use the synchronization feature, or via email.


In the event of a company acquisition, restructure, or bankruptcy, we may transfer your data to a different legal entity. The new legal entity shall respect your privacy in the same way, and notify you if they wish to use your data in a way not described here.


We are working hard to make sure you have the best AnkiHub experience!


Last updated 2022-07-27

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