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Frequently Asked Questions

  • AnkiHub is a complex web application and add-on that will facilitate mass collaboration, real-time updates, and much more, all while still allowing users to customize their cards.


    A simple example: I will host the AnKing Overhaul deck on AnkiHub as a deck manager. Others will be able to subscribe to the deck and seamlessly receive continuous updates. All deck subscribers will be able to contribute new notes and suggested changes, much like how Wikipedia, Google Docs, and GitHub work.

    If a subscriber finds an error or makes an improvement in the deck, they can submit a suggestion. Once a suggestion is approved by the deck manager or their group of deck maintainers, the update will be shared to all deck subscribers through the AnkiHub add-on.

  • That is up to you! As early supporters, you will have the opportunity to influence the future direction of AnkiHub by helping us to choose which features to focus on. In addition to enabling collaboration on images as soon as possible, some of the features we have in mind include:

    • Automatically schedule cards based on your notes or PowerPoint slides. It could potentially even auto unsuspend cards after you watch a specific video. Say goodbye to manually unsuspending tagged cards!

    • Interactive, visual mind maps and graphs for exploring the bigger picture and interconnections of knowledge in Anki’s database.

    • Gamified group study sessions using Anki cards shared in common by players.

    • Workflows to make the card creation process more efficient, automating whatever is possible.

    • Automatic image occlusion, cloze deletion, or generation of cards from a PDF or webpage.

    • Make Anki aware of your school’s schedule, including test dates and other deadlines to make sure you master the appropriate cards on time.

    • Strategies for decreasing both the number of total cards in our deck as well as the number of reviews that are due.

    • Enabling research and improvement of the scheduling algorithm.

    • Incremental reading.

    • A pipeline for improving the development experience for add-on developers and their users (automatic testing, building, publishing, etc.)

  • AnkiHub is intended for anyone that wants to create or subscribe to collaborative Anki decks!

  • AnkiHub is a highly complex, full-stack web application that integrates with an Anki Desktop add-on. To provide a viable, long-term solution to not just collaboration, but a long list of incredibly exciting improvements to spaced repetition technology for all, AnkiHub requires continuous development and maintenance by a team of software engineers in addition to product design and user experience specialists. We aim to accomplish this with the support of our users through a $5 monthly subscription fee.

  • We offer scholarships to those who cannot pay. Please visit this page and follow the instructions.

  • Yes! The features of the special fields add-on will be built into AnkiHub so that you can preserve your personal notes. You will no longer need to use the special fields add-on.

  • A big yes! While we may do a short round of testing with only the AnKing deck for medical students to ensure the fundamental features of AnkiHub are working well, creating collaborative decks will be available to all as soon as possible.

  • ​Please see our post on Reddit about why future updates will only be published through AnkiHub

  • AnkiHub will function as it’s own, independent piece of software. While designed with the help of the AnKing team, the Anki Mastery Course and AnKing Memberships will remain separate.

    • The Anki Mastery Course is an online course for learning all the basics of Anki and includes an add-on that will automatically install 50+ add-ons and configure all of the settings.

    • The AnKing VIP include very powerful exclusive add-ons, individualized email Q&A support and more.

    • The AnKing 1-on-1 Tutoring is for 30-60 minute sessions with one of the team’s experts

  • The core of the web application isn't open-source, but we hope to implement open-source components in the future that will facilitate community-contributed, web-based services that can be created by anyone and automatically deployed to AnkiHub, much like Anki's add-on system. In this way, our core API can be extended and built upon in an endless number of ways.  However, the API will be made public and the API client will be open source ASAP. As with any Anki add-on, the source code for the AnkiHub add-on will be open-source, but it may or may not be hosted in a public repository.

  • ​Create an AnkiHub account, reach out at our community and provide the following information:

    • I have contributed to Anki in the following ways

    • Documentation of your contributions such as a link to a PR on GitHub or a link to your forum profile showing substantial activity (posts created, likes received, solutions accepted, etc.)

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