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Available via AnkiHub with weekly updates!

AnkiHub is a web app that fully integrates with Anki to facilitate mass collaboration, real-time updates, and much more, all while still allowing users to customize their Anki cards.

AnKing Step Deck

The best, most comprehensive and up-to-date flashcards for USLME Step 1, 2 & 3. It combines the best parts of different acclaimed medicine related decks.

Over 300,000 downloads worldwide!

Over 30k flashcards for Step 1, 2, & 3. Originally based on incredible decks like Zanki and Lolnotacop, now with over 200,000 updates! Tagged by all your favorite resources, including First Aid, UWorld, NBMEs, Costanzo Physiology, and much more!

70% of medical students are using Anki and it has been shown to lead to better board scores!

Organized by all your favorite resources!


Tagged by Uworld QIDs

The power of this deck is immense. Make your Uworld blocks and complement them by unsuspending cards based on the questions you got wrong. We have even made an add-on to make the entire thing easier. The Uworld to Anki Search add-on will let you take a string of Question IDs (QID) from UWorld and convert it into a search within the AnKing Step Deck in the Anki browser.

How AnkiHub works to update this deck

AnkiHub allows mass collaboration between students. The owner of the deck uploads. Others download and make suggestions. Moderators accept or deny changes. All this in a fast and integrated way with Anki.

Explore AnkiHub decks with a free account

Stop wrestling with your studies. Start collaborating with other students, study with decks created by experts, and move your studies forward with AnkiHub. 


Direct sync with shared decks like the AnKing Step Deck and the MCAT Deck

AnkiHub community and contribute to future updates

Creation & distribution of your own collaborative decks!

An exclusive course that will teach you everything you need to use the AnKing Step Deck with ease

Subscribe to school-specific tags

AnkiHub lets you create or subscribe to optional tags so you can get these incredible flashcards organized by your school's curriculum! Optional tags have already been added for many schools! These are uploaded by other students and we cannot guarantee the quality, but you can submit changes or create your own with classmates!

Some example schools

  • University of Utah

  • St. George's University

  • TTUHSC Lubbock


  • KCU

  • UWA

  • UTSW


  • UCR 

  • UCD

  • UTMB

  • WUSM

  • Georgetown

  • Northwestern


  • OSU

  • Albany

  • Sinai


  • VCOM

  • And more!

More information

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Get individualized help from an AnKing Team expert on anything med school or Anki related, including study plans, how to use this deck, how to setup Anki, and more.

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